Advice on Preparing for an Open-book Essay Exam

The conventional exam essays aren’t fit to fully test the thinking and the information organization skills of the students. During the timed exams, the students are worried about running out of time and might miss out on thought processes and analysis that they might have come up with without the time restriction. Though the time for an essay writing service appointed for the exam may be the same, in an open-book exam you have more information at your disposal and that which is familiar to you.

The open-book essay lets you demonstrate your research and information organization skills. While going through the process of open-book exams you will also learn how to reference and quote the information, and also learn to use the selected study material in the essays.

Get familiar with the material

The open-book exam is mostly about your processing of information and your familiarity with the best essay writing service. It is important to get familiar with the material at hand before you do anything else. Just because it is the open book exam doesn’t mean that you will read the text while writing your exams. That is by far the worst strategy.

You should be able to know the connection between the heading and understand the information hierarchy. Though you don’t have to memorize the details about the text, you should have the idea of the placement of information in the text.

Prepare the materials needed for the exam

Not all of your notes, reading material, and textbooks should go with you to the exam with you. You will have to be more efficient than that. Organize each of the notes you will use in a ledger, summarize the readings and mark them, and use pointers (such as bookmarks and sticky notes) in your textbooks to keep track of the information in the books.

Keep in mind the requirements

You should be aware of the exam specifics such as time, length of the essay, and the syllabus that the exam covers. Mostly the type of essay writing services that you are required to write will be specified or you will be given the broader topic that the essay topic relates to. This information is key to narrowing down your reading and making specific notes.

The referencing requirements and other formatting conditions should also be kept in mind before attempting the open-book exam.

Avoid making anticipatory notes

While making the notes out of the text or while breaking down your previous notes, be sure not to work on any forms of anticipatory exam questions. Usually, essays tend to generate a free response, making most of your prepared structures useless. Instead, you should focus on understanding the central themes and organizational structure of the content which includes various ideas, concepts, and descriptions.

The only thing that is important is for you to know where the information is and what it is trying to convey.

Warm-up your essay writing

It happens at times that despite preparing for the essay, you are unable to get going with the writing. You find yourself rusty and can’t put your thoughts onto the paper. This rustiness can be avoided by warming-up your writing muscles through practice essays. These can be example topic prompts given to you by your teacher or they can be use cheap essay writing service for experience.

This will not only get you prepared to write but will help you accustom yourself with searching for and quoting the information. It will also help you manage your time well in the actual exam essay, as your mind will always be prepared to work under the restrictions of time.